2nd Int Conf of NK #12 -- Development, Growth and Stress Management -- Eva Arricivita

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People, groups, or projects go through a series of stages of growth and development throughout their life cycles. Going through these stages usually has an associated stress, each person will carry it out in a personal way according to their abilities, limitations, the society and the time in which they have to live. The body will maintain the memory of the stress lived and not integrated, advancing in the course of life, compensated for such stress, especially when any of these stages has not been satisfactorily overcome, or leading to a crisis situation when a base of adequate development, at a certain point in growth, it becomes a source of problems for its evolution. Acupressure Formats and Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Balances will facilitate the release of this associated stress, integrate the experience and access a new level of well-being, working in a unique way with the stress associated with pre-verbal stages, primary reflexes, genetic factors and traumatic situations among others

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