[Обновлено] Белый воротничок / White Collar / Сезон: 4 / Серии: 1

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[Обновлено] Белый воротничок / White Collar / Сезон: 4 / Серии: 1-3 из 16 (Джон Т. Кречмер, Кевин Брэй, Дэнни Гордон) [2012, драма, криминал, детектив, WEB-DL 720p] DVO (NewStudio @ Gutta, CapsMy brothers bike got stolen on 7/26/2012 in Sunnyvale from right outside our door (literally right outside chained up) than we found some one selling the exact same bike on craigslist a few days later (7/29/2012) with the description matching my brothers bike. On the ad they said they were from San Jose (a city about 20 mins away) and they said they want to sell it ASAP (they even changed the ad from "no low ballers" to "make me an offer and I might sell it to you" after no one called him the first day). So we call the bike thief to meet up with them,he said to meet up at Home Depot which is about 2 minute drive from where the bike got stolen,so we knew it was definitely my brothers bike.My brother had a picture of the bike and the recite from when he bought it with him.Before we went into the Home Depot parking lot we parked across the street in some residential area to be late and pretend we are from some where else. when we parked we saw one of his friends (the guy in the white and black hat) riding down the street heading towards the Home Depot area.After a few mins of waiting in the car we left to meet up with them and this is what happened.I am the one recording on my phone ( I forgot to change the resolution to HD before I started recording!) by the way,I hate thieves Here is the craigslist ad imgur.com feel free to call that number and make his life miserable

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