18 wheels of steel - Химия и Жизнь. Полная версия.

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Памяти Владислава Галкина...
In memory of Russian actor Vladislav Galkin

A hot summer evening truckers Sasha and Fedor come to the factory for hydrochloric acid, but their tank was mistakenly filled the explosive and toxic oxidant, exploding at a temperature above 30˚C. Truckers, unaware of the danger, calmly hit the road. Chief of the factory is too late finds a mistake, and reported the incident to the police and emergency services. Fire brigades decide to escort the truck to the landfill, where it was to blow up, and on the way to cool the tank from fire hydrants in order to avoid an explosion. Truckers, instead of twenty miles to haul a "bomb" on his truck, decide to cool the tank to the nearest fire pond ...

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